Equal but not the same

Equal but not the Same explores the nature of truth and how a multitude of narratives can occupy the same historical terrain allowing for contradictory interpretations. Using analogue techniques, this work fuses images, markings, words, paper and beeswax to reassemble a new set of truths to be considered. Layers of wax overlap revealing collective memories of interaction, while every mark creates a series of expectations like a conversation. The malleable material of wax and its illusion of permanence can be quickly melted and made a new, similar to the fluidity of identity. Symbolically driven, collage retains a child-like sense of freedom, continually open to interpretation. 

In Buddhism, there is a well-known tale about some blind men and an elephant. When asked to describe what the elephant was like, each blind man touched a different part of the elephant. When they compared notes they found themselves in complete disagreement. The one who touched the leg said it was like a strong pillar, the one who felt the tail said it was like a rope and so forth. And yet all are versions of the elephant. 

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